Sand Dunes of the Navajo Nation
Northern Arizona
Unlike virtually every other state in the Southwest, Arizona has
no large dune fields. You can find, however, individual dunes or very
small fields with maybe two or three dunes. The vast majority of them are
in the northern part of our state on the Navajo Reservation. Though the size
of Arizona’s dunes pale in comparison to, say, those at White Sands National
Monument, N.M., or Imperial Sand Dunes, Calif., the dunes of the Grand Canyon
State are still quite beautiful. All of the dunes shown on this web page are in
obscure places in Navajo country. Some are just north of the Little Colorado
River, in the Painted Desert. Others are near the Navajo communities
of Tsegi or Kaibito. Others are...oh who knows...just some place on
“The Rez” where I decided to pull over and wander for the day.

Sand dune on the Navajo Reservation in northern ArizonaAZD2b
Sand dune on the Navajo Reservation in northern ArizonaAZD2c