Dave Wilson
Phoenix, Arizona

(602) 448-6746

Nature and Landscape Photographer Dave Wilson of Phoenix, Arizona

I've done writing, photography and graphic design for a
quarter-century including 20 years of work in PR/Corporate
Communications. For more information on my commercial
experience please visit www.DaveWilsonImages.net.

I'm also the author of Ruins Seldom Seen, a book
that combines the subjects of hiking and archaeology.
For information on the book please visit www.RuinsSeldomSeen.com.

And of course I love nature and landscape photography.
I've been at it for more than a decade and these days it's pretty much all I do.
I participate in up to 40 art shows per year and also sell my work through a gallery, art
consultants, interior designers, a major retail chain, and several websites including this one.
Occasionally my photography ends up in various publications as well.
For more information on who buys my stuff please see the CLIENTS page of this website.

If you are a photographer interested in how I apprach nature/landscape
photography please click HERE to visit the TECHNIQUES page of this website.

If you still have questions about anything, feel free
to contact me at DaveWilsonImages@aol.com.
I would love to hear from you!