Dave Wilson
Phoenix, Arizona
(my gallery is in Tubac but I live in Phoenix)
(602) 448-6746

I've done writing, photography and graphic design for 25 years, much of
which was done a while back while working in PR/Corporate Communications.

I'm also the author of Ruins Seldom Seen, a book that
combines the subjects of hiking and archaeology. For
more information please visit RuinsSeldomSeen.com.

And of course I love nature and landscape photography.
I've been at it for more than a decade and these
days it's pretty much all I do. When I initially decided
to make it my full-time job I did street-festival type shows all over Arizona.
In fact I participated in about 40 shows per year, moving my 200-square-foot
tent display from one city to another nearly every weekend. After more than
two years of doing that I finally decided to settle down and open a "real" gallery.
I live in Phoenix but my new gallery in the arts community of Tubac, Arizona.

Click here for information on my new
gallery in the arts communnity of

Tubac, Arizona

As for my street show life, here's
where I worked in recent years

Street Show Schedule