To order photos, follow these easy steps...

1) Contact me
(602) 448-6746

2) Tell me which photo and format you'd like

Every photo has an ID number located directly above it (above the large
version of the image, not the thumbnail). Photos are available in many
formats including, but not limited to, metal prints and canvas prints.
(scroll down for more info on formats)

3) Pay by almost any means you like
I accept Visa, Mastercard and Discover.
I can also easily create a PayPal button for you on this website.
Cash or checks can simply be mailed.

4) Recieve your photo in 8 to 10 days
Most deliveries take 8 to 10 business days.
Most are shipped FedEx unless customers request otherwise.

What are metal prints

Pricing for metal prints with wall mounts
Pricing for photos printed on canvas
Framing options for photos on metal and canvas

Pricing for traditional prints (on photo paper)
Pricing: Metal Prints
Pricing: Metal Prints

What are Metal Prints?
Currently my most popular format is photographs
printed on metal. The ink is actually fused onto aluminum.
It doesn't look "metalic"; it just looks like an incredibly sharp,
vibrant photograph. If you saw my work at an art show then
you saw how amazing photos look when printed on metal.
The detail and luminescence of the photos makes
them ideal for high-end gallery presentations.
The surface cleans very easily and is scratch-resistant.

For more information on metal prints click HERE.
Pricing: Metal Prints With Wall Mounts
Pricing: Metal Prints With Wall Mounts

Pricing: Metal Prints With Wall Mounts
The prices below are for metal prints with wall mounts on the back.
(although you can opt for no mount, which will lower the price a little)
The metal print with mount creates a clean, bold look with no frame;
just the photograph floating a half-inch from the wall. All you
need to hang the photo is a single nail in the wall. This is
one of my favorite ways to display photographs and is
how most of my work is displayed at art shows.

Shipping is FREE in the U.S. and usually takes 8 to 10 business days.

A wall mount on the back of a metal print allows it to float a half-inch from the wall.
All that's needed to hang it is a nail in the wall.


The wall mount for a 40x60 print looks a little different.
It floats 3/4-inch off the wall and
uses a wire hanger, as shown below


Custom sizes are also available.
They are priced at the next highest
standard size (by square inch)

Metal Prints With Frames
Giclee Prints on Canvas
Giclee Prints on Canvas

Pricing: Giclée Prints on Canvas
There are many ways to print photographs on
fine art canvas, and feel free to ask about any of them.
This particular format consists of a giclée print (high-quality
printing process) directly onto the canvas, stretched over an
internal wooden frame. The canvas sides are 1.5-inches deep and a
SOLID color, which can be any color you wish (this is different from
"gallery wraps" where the actual photographic image wraps around
the sides of the frame, although that option is also available for
those who like it). A glossy laminate protects the photograph
and allows it to be wiped off with a damp cloth. A wire on
the back allows for easy hanging on a wall.
Shipping is FREE in the U.S. and usually takes 8 to 10 business days.

In this example the sides, which are 1.5
inches deep, are black, but they may be any
color that best matches the photograph


Many other standard sizes are
available, as well as custom sizes

Frames for Photos
Frames for Photos

Framing Options for
Photos on Metal and Canvas

If you prefer a frame, there are many options, including attractive "Float Frames".
There are so many options, in fact, that posting all their various prices online is not practical.
But you can see what the float frames look like by clicking the link below. If you
contact me and tell me what you'd like I'll give you a quote.

Shipping is FREE in the U.S. and usually takes 8 to 10 business days.

Click HERE to see Float Frames for metal and canvas.

Click the image above
to view framing options

Traditional Matted Prints
Traditional Matted Prints

Traditional Prints: No Matting or Backing
Photographs printed on quality photo paper with a glossy or lustre surface.
No mat or backing, just the print.
Optional quarter-inch white border (no charge).

4x6 print...$15
8x12 print...$24
12x18 print...$34
16x24 print...$59
20x30 print...$82
24x36 print...$132

Traditional Prints: With Matting and Backing

Photographs printed on quality photo paper with a glossy
or lustre surface, flush-mounted to a quarter-inch thick foam
board backing, and placed in a single mat of any color.

5x7 print inside a 8x10 mat...$42
8x10 print inside a 11x14 mat...$53
8x12 print inside a 11x14 mat...$53
11x14 print inside a 16x20 mat...$67
11x16 print inside a 16x20 mat...$67
16x20 print inside a 20x24 mat...$96
18x24 print inside a 24x30 mat...$133
12x18 print inside a 24x30 mat...$133
18x30 print inside a 24x36 mat...$165

...and More!
All of the above are just some suggested options.
If you'd like a photo in some other size or format
just let me know and I'll provide a quote.

International Shipping
Yes, I ship almost anywhere in the world (I love my Canadian customers!)
And yes, shipping is free. However, shipping and international taxes
are two different things. While I will charge you nothing for shipping,
you must pay any additional charges associated with duties, customs or
any other special taxes or fees on international imports. You are also
repsonsible for knowing what those additional charges will be.

(602) 448-6746