Picacho Mts., Arizona
The Picacho Mts. include well-known Picacho Peak, although there are
many other places that get far less visitation including the entire north side
of the range (opposite side of I-10 from the iconic peak). The Picacho Mts.
are also home to one of the most spectacular Hohokam Petroglyph sites
in Arizona, which I wrote about in my book Ruins Seldom Seen.

  Blooming Palo Verde trees in spring at Picacho Peak, Arizona.
  Saguaro cactus and the setting sun at Picacho Peak, Arizona.   Picacho Peak towers over cholla cactus in the southern Arizona desert.
  Saguaro cactus at sunset at Picacho Peak, Arizona.

      Saguaro cactus in the Picacho Mts. of Arizona   Saguaros and Palo Verde trees at Picacho Peak in the desert of southern Arizona.