Dave Wilson
Phoenix, Arizona

(602) 448-6746

I've done writing, photography and graphic design for 30 years including two decades of work in PR/Corporate Communications. For samples of my commercial photography click HERE.

I'm also the author of Ruins Seldom Seen, a book combining the subjects of hiking and archaeology (I wrote the first and second editions only). It's formatted like a traditional hiking guide except every trip ends at an ancient Native American pueblo, cliff dwelling or rock art site in Arizona, Utah or New Mexico. In short, it's half hiking book, half history book. The publication is available many places including HERE.

And of course I love nature and landscape photography. I've been at it since 2005 and these days it's pretty much all I do. I've sold my work at art shows and also through a gallery, art consultants, interior designers, a major retail chain and of course this website. Occasionally my photography ends up in various publications as well. For more information on who buys my work please see the CLIENTS page of this website.

If you are also a nature and landscape photographer interested in how I apprach my craft you may want to visit the TECHNIQUES page of this website.

If you still have questions about anything, feel free to contact me at DaveWilsonImages@gmail.com or (602) 448-6746. I would love to hear from you!

Below are few articles about me...

December 2021 feature in
Shoutout Colorado magazine

March 2020 issue of Images Arizona magazine
This link opens a 7-page PDF file.
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Images Arizona magazine

August 2012 issue of Phoenix Magazine
This article focuses more on hiking and archaeology
(tie-in with my book Ruins Seldom Seen)

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