Buckskin Gulch, Utah
Buckskin Gulch in southern Utah may not be as glamourous as
better-known Antelope Canyon, which is not too far away in northern
Arizona. However, with a length of 13 miles Buckskin Gulch is the longest
slot canyon in the Southwest, offereing great opportunities for hiking
and even backpacking (26-mile round trip to the Pariah River and back).
Buckskin Gulch also has far fewer visitors so any photographs
you get there are likely to look much more original.

Buckskin Gulch slot canyon in Utah with a young tree growing in the sandstone
Sandstone rock formation in Buckskin Gulch slot canyon, Utah
Tree in Buckskin Gulch slot canyon, Utah
The sandstone walls of Buckskin Gulch slot canyon, Utah
Log jammed high in the sandstone walls of Buckskin Gulch, Utah

Also see Coyote Buttes, which
is very close to Buckskin Gulch