Seneca Lake, Arizona
On the San Carlos Apache Reservation
Seneca Lake is on the San Carlos Apache Reservation, fairly
close to the south rim of the Salt River Canyon. In the 1970s this
reservoir was developed as a tourist destination complete with a
hotel, gas station, trading post and campgrounds. However, the project
soon went bust and all the buildings were abandoned, leaving behind
what is today a vitual ghost town. Despite its eerily dilapidated facilities,
Seneca Lake remains open for recreation, including some pretty
decent fishing. Of course, the lake is still on tribal land so visitors
must have the proper permits from the Apaches to visit this quiet,
quirky, mostly forgotten place. So far I've only taken one photo
of Seneca Lake (not including numerous cell shots of the
"ghost town"), but I hope to add more in the future.

        Seneca Lake in autumn on the San Carlos Apache Reservation in Arizona.