Perry Mesa
(Agua Fria National Monument)
Perry Mesa consists of 75 square miles of mostly grassland north of Black Canyon
City, south of Cordes Junction and east of the Bradshaw Mts. If you've ever driven
from Phoenix to Flagstaff on I-17 then you've driven right over it. Most of Perry Mesa
looks like a prairie, except where it's cut by deep, rugged canyons created by the Agua
Fria River and its tributaries. Wildlife thrives in the area including great herds of
antelope. In 2000 President Clinton proclaimed the area to be a protected site and
most of Perry Mesa became Agua Fria National Monument. One of the main reasons
for this was to protect the region's many ancient Native American archaeological
sites including enormous stone pueblos and spectacular rock art. For some
photos of archaeological sites on Perry Mesa visit my other website at
(specifically see Perry Tank Canyon, Squaw Creek and Silver Creek)

Perry Mesa
Perry Mesa
Perry Mesa
Perry Mesa