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This site serves as an online portfolio for my
professional writing, photography and graphic design.
Tie-in with my book Ruins Seldom Seen, which combines the
subjects of hiking and archaology. Lots of photos of lesser-known
pueblos, cliff dwellings and rock art sites in the ancient Southwest.
Nine of my photographs are at Esprit Decor Gallery, along
with the work of many other fine photographers and painters.
Esprit Decor also specializes in expert printing and framing.
5555 N. 7th Street, Suite 122, Phoenix AZ 85014, (602) 248-0700 
(northeast corner of 7th Street/Missouri, next to Basha's)
Formerly the Willow House, this cafe showcases my prints on top
of the dining tables, underneith the glass. Is that cool or what?
Duck & Decanter is a restaurant/gift shop that offers a number of my
framed photos. It's also a great place to eat and hang with friends.
1651 E Camelback Rd Phoenix, AZ 85016 (602) 274-5429
(SE corner of Camelback/16th Street, behind Copenhagen furniture)
Fine im
ages by Phoenix photographer, artist and interior designer Pamela Root
All about Giant George, a Great Dane in Tucson,
Arizona who is the world's biggest dog.
Arizona’s premier hiking website.
There's nary a hike in the state that isn't described (and usually
photographed as well) on this enormous body of online information.

Nature, landscapes and more in the Southwest
and beyond by photographer Don Price.

Mesa Art League promotes art and artists in the East Valley.
It’s where I got my start participating in art exhibitions all over the Valley.

The non-profit Arizona Art Alliance serves as an umbrella
organization for 25 Arizona-based art groups (including the Mesa
Art League). These member groups represent nearly 4,000

visual artists working in more than a dozen mediums.