Oak Creek

West Clear Creek

The wilds of my back yard

Ash Creek (north of Cordes Junction)

Bonito Park on the Coconino National Forest

Wild sunflowers at Bonito Park

Wet Beaver Creek

Mud puddle in the Superstition Mts.

Wet Beaver Creek

What the living room looks like if Jesterz doesn't go hiking.

What the living room looks like if Jesterz does go hiking.

Jesterz at Watson Lake (near Prescott, Az.). She hiked all the way around
the lake, including a mile or so of off-trail boulder hopping. She's amazing.

End of the West Fork Trail (about 4 miles upstream from Oak Creek).

The big pool at the end of the Parson's Trail (144) in Sycamore Creek

The West Fork of Oak Creek

Ash Creek

Up Sycamore Creek without a dog paddle.
Turns out dogs don't really need to paddle as long as they can kick real hard.

Butts-eye view of the lights of Phoenix
as seen from the top of Squaw Peak
(we climb Squaw Peak late at night, when there are
very few other hikers to complain about dogs on the trail).

Remnants of an ancient cliff dwelling in
Fay Canyon on the Coconino National Forest.

Jessee in Lockett Meadow
Lockett Meadow in the San Francisco Peaks, Az.

For a Cattle Dog, Jessee has surprizingly little effect on
livestock. She's just too friendly to intimidate anything.

Also see photos of my former hiking partner,
Blue Dog
the Flat Coated Retreiver