Commercial Photography Studio
inside the gallery in Tubac, Arizona

You create great art! You sell awesome products!
But are the photographs you're using to promote
your art or products doing them justice?

In addition to photographing landscapes I provide commercial
photography services. The professional-quality photos I create of
other artists' sculptures, woodwork, pottery, etc., can be used in their
own ads, flyers, websites and other promotional materials. High-resolution
photographs of paintings can be used to make reproductions, such as
canvas wraps. I can also photograph just about any product a business
has to offer. If you need a shot of your building I will
literally capture it in the best possible light.

  sculpture   Coffee Shop  
Wine Bar   woodwork  

Some Specifics
Photographs of artwork and products may have black, white or gray backgrounds.
If you have some custom background in mind we can discuss it.
Very large artworks or products, such as permanently-placed
bronze sculptures, can be shot on location.
Editing and touch-up are included in the price.
Final photos will be provided as digital files on a flash drive.
Each photo will be provided in two formats, TIFF and JPEG.


Single photo: $60
2-5 photos: $50 per photo
6-20 photos: $40 per photo
More than 20 can be negotiated

Dave Wilson Images
12 Tubac Rd., Ste. B
Tubac, AZ 85646
(602) 448-6746