New Mexico's
Bisti Badlands
and Ah-Shi-Sle-Pah Wilderness
The Bisti Badlands and nearby Ah-Shi-Sle-Pah Wilderness Study Area in New Mexico
are desolate, trail-less tracts of high desert full of facinating rock formations. These include
many unique "wing" formations, the largest of which is called the "King of Wings." This web page
also has one photo from Kasha-Katuwe Tent Rocks National Monument, which is not too far away.

      New Mexico's Bisti Badlands   New Mexico's Ah-Shi-Sle-Pah Wilderness  

    Bisti Badlands, New Mexico   "The Seal" rock formation at the Bisti Badlands, New Mexico   New Mexico's Bisti Badlands    

  Tent Rocks, New Mexico   Bisti Wilerness New Mexico   Ah-Shi-Sle-Pah   Bisti Badlands, New Mexico